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His Love

To love is the capacity to open your heart to receive that which comes only from the hand of the Master, the Creator of all things. He is love and He has given to those who have said yes to Him the enabling ability to love Him, love themselves and love others.

One can not give what one does not have. But as long as we know in our heart and believe without doubting that we can yield to and abide in His Love, then we are assured that we have a treasure in these earthen vessels that is from the source of love. The source is the True and Living God and the treasure is the Holy Spirit.

We expand our capacity to love as we expand our yieldedness to receive the love from the Father of all creation. He is love and He gave and shared His love with and for us through His Son Jesus Christ. He, the Perfect One, the sacred One, the sent One died for us and gave Himself a ransom so we might receive reconciliation to Abba Father. Our purposed, ordained self is to exist in the image and likeness of the Son. We are surrounded by God’s love, infused with His love, released by His love to share His love.

Christine Brooks Martin

Areli MediaWorks | 2014

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