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When I am Frustrated

Father God, when I am frustrated I remember that you hold my right hand. I am not anxious because you are my helper. There is nothing greater than your rest to your people. So I abide in your rest when I cease from trying to accomplish the impossible without wisdom, counsel, and faith in you.

You are the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel who says that in your rest I am saved. Through quietness and confidence in you, I find strength. I pursue your word that generates peace to my soul and spirit. Thank you for your peace that rules in my heart because I am your son/daughter. You are the the Lord of my salvation who establishes my thoughts and intentions. I commit every effort and attempt to the counsel of your will. When you move in my behalf it overshadows opposition.

Your Holy Spirit helps me in my weaknesses. Your Spirit enables me to pray as I should and intercedes in my behalf. Thank you for your goodness and I do not faint in the midst of frustration. I am patient and encouraged because you strengthen me to trust you in all things. I am still when necessary and I can do all things by your strength. I retain your scriptures in my heart that says who I am and what I can do through you. So with confidence I overcome confusion, challenges and obstacles that cause frustration.

A flood or avalanche of circumstances may confront me to try my faith. But through faith and confidence in you, I can ask anything according to your will and you hear me. You keep my feet from slipping and being overtaken. I trust in you forever and worship you in spirit and in truth. Guide me continually by your instructions, law, precepts and commandments. The counsel of the word teaches and directs me in making proper choices. You are my Lord God Jehovah, my provision for every necessity and you are my everlasting strength.

From the new prayerbook
“He That Healeth Thee”
by Christine Brooks Martin
Areli MediaWorks  |  2013

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