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We Have a Perfect Gift

In the beginning, the Lord said everything He created was good. The book of Genesis is the foundation and first principle for all things. If you don’t see what your life can be, is it because you’re focusing or stuck on the negative circumstances of your past or present? Instead, you should be expecting a present day and future that is possible, good and perfected by God. Anything in your life that you see, hear, smell, touch or taste that does not reflect the fruit of the Spirit means you have an opportunity to turn to the gift God has provided for us.

When your heart cries out in desperation, you have the gift of the Holy Spirit to help and comfort you. The scriptures say that He, the gift, was sent as your comforter. He is your helper and teacher at all times. All you have to do is welcome Him to an abiding place in every facet of your being. His presence is guidance for your life and helps to keep you out of the hands of the adversary. Satan is the destroyer, a liar, thief and killer. He is the one who wants to take your life because he knows God has done, can do, and will do great things in and through you.

The sun shines everyday, but sometimes we don’t see it because of clouds or fog, but it’s there. Even when we’re experiencing the night, the sun is shining but on the other side of the world. The sun has not left its fixed position. God is with us, and sometimes we fail to acknowledge it because of obstacles, clouds of doubt, fear, anxiety, or despair. Our thoughts and feelings make it seem as if His presence is absent. But He is always with us. He will never leave or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). You just have to choose to believe it is so. When you’re confident that the Holy Spirit is always with you, the scriptures say that the light dispels darkness.  –Excerpted from the book “He That Healeth Thee” by Christine Brooks Martin. The ebook is FREE for a limited time.

Christine Brooks Martin, author
“Pray What God Says”
“Talk to God with Affirmations of Faith”
“He That Healeth Thee”
“Christine’s Short-Shorts”

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