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A Tribute to My “Frankenstein Valentine”

This is a reprint from Valentine’s Day 2011. I still love my “Frankenstein Valentines” and most of all my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Pray What God Says by Christine Brooks Martin

Florists, jewelers, candy shops, restaurants and department stores have been gearing up to cater to the celebrants of Valentine’s Day. I’m single and have no significant relationship with anyone at the present time. However, I am not resistant to a potential “He that findeth…” because my times and seasons are in the hands of the Lord, and He can have His way concerning my coupling future. But if I were to have the perfect Valentine, I would want him to be a composite of some of the most phenomenal men I have ever crossed path with throughout my career and personal life. For privacy sake, using their initials only, I pay tribute to these men who embody what I will call my “Frankenstein Valentine.”

To my “Frankenstein Valentine,” every facet of your being is honored, appreciated and celebrated. Because you’re like the techno savvy AJB, always exuding the strength of…

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