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My Latest Book Gifting

For a limited time I am gifting my latest prayer book release “He That Healeth Thee.” This book is filled with scriptural-based affirmations that address the emotions one experiences while processing the transition from brokenness to healing, wholeness and well-being.

Click on the following links to download the eBook version that is available FREE at
Barnes & Noble 

In case you don’t have or want an account for either of these companies, the PDF version is available for download from my website.

If you download from either resource, I pray you will be abundantly blessed. Feel free to share with family and friends, especially those who are experiencing trying circumstances. Speaking affirmations over your life will help you build your trust, faith and confidence in the promises found in the word of God. In the midst of any circumstance, His comfort, peace and blessings are available to those who ask of Him.

These prayers of affirmation will enable you to:
–Change what you think, say and do in any circumstance.
–Increase your faith and trust in God
–Rebuild self-esteem
–Enjoy more peace and blessings in your life
–Build healthy and stable relationships with family, friends and coworkers
–Experience emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing, wholeness and well-being.

Christine Brooks Martin, author
“Pray What God Says”
“Talk to God with Affirmations of Faith”
“He That Healeth Thee”
“Christine’s Short-Shorts”

Areli MediaWorks |  2013

“Embracing Change”

(Excerpted from the Introduction of
He That Healeth Thee
by Christine Brooks Martin)

I know the anguish that comes with depression. But when I yielded to the power and might of a loving God, He broke the bondage and captivity of that experience off of my life. When I sincerely desired and accepted His hand, always extended to those who want Him, I was healed. Every thought or perception that fed depression was replaced with liberty and tears of joy. I was able to forgive and love myself. Then I was able to forgive and release those who hurt, rejected and abandoned me. As I obeyed God by embracing changes to different areas of my life, I had better experiences and met new people. Each time I reflect on how He changed my life, I praise Him even more. I clap my hands and I dance with joy to celebrate the liberty I have through Jesus Christ. My mouth is no longer gagged spiritually, and my hands and feet are no longer bound. My mind is free to think of what is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, noteworthy and of a good report (Philippians 4:8).

The whole earth reels daily from the effects of prevalent evil. The adversary to our soul loves to fill our hearts and minds with doom and gloom. Sometimes it seems as though we’re kept up-to-date on more of the bad news than the good. And it will be that way as long as stuff happens and we make ourselves accessible and accommodating to it. God performs miracles in the lives of people everyday, and we might hear about a few instances on occasion. But you must be proactive in your healing process. When you believe and fully embrace the love and word of God, your mind and heart can undergo the necessary changes to affect your life. You can get rid of thoughts, emotions, memories, or imaginations and behavior that are destructive to your overall health and well-being. The scriptures say, what a man thinks in his heart, so is he. When you embrace the Lord and the scriptures, you will have a confession of faith that is Yes and Amen.

The scriptures also declare that you will eat the fruit of your lips. So if you say or believe the challenges in your life are worsening, the universe will bring what you say or believe into existence. I’m not suggesting that you lie to yourself, but instead, say what God says about Himself and about you. He said you are healed body, soul and spirit. You are healed of all manner of sickness, diseases and infirmities. You are healed of depression, the seed and source of it, and you are not forsaken or alone.

I will decree in your behalf that you are delivered from the yoke of bondage, every fetter and stock of iron. Any blindfold, pit and trap, every obstacle, net and stumbling block, and work of evil is removed. Evil words spoken to you or about you are canceled out. Every evil thought from others, evil thoughts you think or believe about yourself are nullified and void. You will not lack financial help or necessary resources for your livelihood. You will not be defeated. You will not be destroyed. You shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord (Psalm 118:17).  

Christine Brooks Martin, author
“Pray What God Says”
“Talk to God with Affirmations of Faith”
“He That Healeth Thee”
“Christine’s Short-Shorts”

Areli MediaWorks  |  2013

Happy Father’s Day My Eternal Father

“My eternal Lord, God and Father,
may I always be found in your dwelling places
and pleasing in your sight.
I will bless you at all times and your praises
will continually be in my mouth.
Like Anna, I will not depart from your temple.” (Luke 2:36-38)
Your daughter, Christine.

This writing is excerpted from my book “Pray What God Says”

When you enter into God’s presence through prayer, you are establishing an eternal covenant with Him. You can enter into a dwelling place where you find His virtue, the Lord your provider. In addition to your natural needs, He will provide you with spiritual food–your daily bread. He will provide His sincere milk and He will provide the strong meat. Your eternal, necessary food is all in the form of the Word and for your spiritual age (level of spiritual maturity). He daily loads you down with benefits. He gives the oil, which is the anointing you need to serve Him with joy and gladness. In this dwelling place of His presence, you find wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Word of God, His anointing and joy. It is a place of processing and preparation that comes from prayer, hearing, reading and learning, and most importantly, speaking out the scriptures. You need the anointing that comes from the transformation and renewal that the Word and a prayer life brings. When we pray, we can get into God’s presence where He reveals His virtue, Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord will provide.

When you ignite your passion for God through prayer, you will find the dwelling place of communion, a place of prayer and meditation with the scriptures. As you read and speak out the scriptures, you are savoring them for your spiritual growth and development. The Word of God is the bread of life, the milk, the strong meat and the joy of the Lord, which gives you strength. You will bear an anointing that is the physical evidence or witness of what God and His Word is doing in your life.

At times this place of His presence will demand fasting and/or partaking of a diet of scripture God customizes for your circumstance. When I want to know more about God, as I pray, I focus on scriptures that reveal His mighty acts, or His mind and heart. There were times of illness and infirmities where I focused on healing scriptures and found great peace and comfort in them. I have found hope when I was unsettled about situations and circumstance in my life. God ministered the words and power of deliverance when I was bound by depression and oppression. He is a spiritual dietician who imparts health and strength to your spirit and satisfies your soul. In the dwelling place of His presence, God reveals himself as Jehovah-Rohi, the Lord my shepherd.

Another dwelling place of His presence is where you and God commune with one another. You offer up songs or prayers of thanksgiving, praise and worship. It is where you dedicate your mind, heart, soul and spirit to Him alone. In this place of God’s presence, He has shown me who and what to fellowship with–who and what I can entertain. What is it about your life, associations or environment that He might be saying “No” or “Yes” to? Does who and what you fellowship with or entertain please God? Are you praying to find out? When you pray do you listen and obey? He will not abandon or forsake your prayers and fellowship of thanksgiving, praise and worship. It will draw a greater measure of His presence, at times so tangible to the natural senses. He is Jehovah-Shammah, the Lord is there.

This dwelling place is also where you find life and peace during your fellowship with Him. Does your fellowship with God re-energize, refresh and renew your spirit and bring you peace? In this dwelling place His virtue is Jehovah-Elyon, the Lord most high.

When you “depart not from the temple” through prayer you will find a dwelling place of cleansing and purging. It is where you are spiritually cleaned up, cleaned out and stripped naked before God. This place has spiritual mirrors and God has strategically placed them so you won’t see anyone else but you. Daily, God draws me to this place of His presence and causes my spiritual eyes to be opened to reveal me to me. I have the opportunity to see and acknowledge my natural and spiritual wretchedness when He wants to deal with what is on and in me.

No matter how perfect you think you are, spiritually naked before God, everything gets exposed. We all know that you can’t bathe and get clean with your clothes on. You have to strip to get clean. In His presence He washes you with the water of His word. As you spend time to pray and study the word, you will realize that His presence exposes the things you missed or avoided when He told you to consecrate yourself.

When I have acknowledged my sin or transgressions and submitted to the truth of the Word and the power of His presence, I have found over and over again, that He removes the spots, blemishes, and blots I couldn’t reach or fix myself. I have received His deliverance from entanglements with people, places and issues that required His sovereign, merciful, gracious and powerful intervention. God unctions you to consecrate your eyes for proper observations, and to clean out your ears to hear His voice. Hear Him accurately, precisely and distinctly.

In this place of His presence you learn to discern your times and seasons. What are you consuming and allowing to digest into your temple that could defile it? Every day, I make a decision to consecrate my mouth to change my speech so I might have a word in due season for the weary and the law of kindness on my lips.

In the natural, impurities inside you have to come out. This is even so in the spirit. Everything that is not like God, that bloats or puffs you up, like anger, lying, vanity and pride, everything that is not pleasing to Him has to be purged. Trying to hold on to a temperament that defiles your temple will eventually cause spiritual death.

You have to go to the bathroom everyday, several times a day. You can’t avoid it if you want to get healthy and stay healthy naturally and spiritually. In this dwelling place during prayer, you submit your whole body, mind, soul and spirit to consecration for holiness. When we consecrate ourselves and submit to the sanctifying power of God, He reveals Himself as Jehovah-Mekaddishkem, the Lord our sanctifier.

God’s presence brings natural and spiritual healing and deliverance. There is a balm in Gilead and the oil of joy that is better than a band-aid, better than antiseptic, better than ointments, and better than pills. When we pursue God through prayer we can access His dwelling place where He reveals Himself as Jehovah-Rapha, the Lord my Healer.

God has a dwelling place where His presence is a spiritual covering for your head, your body, and feet. God inspects your spiritual wardrobe daily. Just as we concern ourselves with natural garments, we should also keep the spiritual garments open for inspection. Are they clean, are they torn, are they in order, do they fit properly, and most of all are they yours? Do you have the proper garment for the proper occasion?

When you allow God to have His perfecting work in you, He transforms, prepares, builds and establishes your spiritual wardrobe. It will be the proper wardrobe for your age, the time and season of your life, for your purpose, and your future. He will perfect your garments daily. Your natural garments will reflect what He has done in you spiritually. He will dress you with Himself—the spiritual garments that only He can form, fashion and clothe you with—even a robe of righteousness. God is Jehovah-Tsidkenu, the Lord our righteousness.

Just as you have a natural closet, you have a spiritual closet with God. This closet is your meeting place into His presence for all manner of prayer. Your armor for prayer and warfare, for supplication, thanksgiving, praise, worship and intercession is found here. In this dwelling place, the Lord is Jehovah-Sabaoth, the Lord of host.  

In the dwelling place of His presence, you learn how to pray in the day and night seasons of your life. Most people tend to pray only during the “night” for emergencies, crisis or urgent needs. I believe it is more important to pray when times are good, during the “day seasons.” He is not a “gimme” God that you go after only when you need to satisfy your earthbound needs. When you pray in the “day” it reveals your desire to seek and know God’s face, mind and heart. You will discover His protective presence and the virtue of Jehovah-Nissi, the Lord my banner.

God has a dwelling place where His presence is a place of rest, of ceasing from your own labor. It is a place of security and trust. As you rest in God, even sleep, you submit yourself in trusting abandon to the safety and protection of God. This dwelling place is where He becomes your refuge and it is a place of intimacy. You allow God to minister His love and peace back to you. He reminds you of who you are and whose you are. The Lord reveals His mind–so you can have the mind of Christ. He reveals His heart to you–where you learn and know the heartbeat of God. He reveals Himself to you as you rest and yield to His presence. He is Jehovah-Shalom, the Lord of our peace.

In His presence the Lord imparts what He can entrust to you. You conceive destiny and purpose, then you will have to go back to the closet to travail and birth it out.

When you ignite your passion for God through prayer it is possible to visit the aforementioned dwelling places everyday. He gives 24 hours /7 days-a-week invitations and the enabling ability through the Holy Spirit to meet and fellowship with Him. He will provoke you to seek out, and become familiar with every facet of His presence. Do you want to be so fascinated with God that you will inquire of Him like Moses? And he said, I beseech thee, shew me thy glory. Exodus 33:18.

Christine Brooks Martin, author
“Pray What God Says”
“Talk to God with Affirmations of Faith”
“He That Healeth Thee”
“Christine’s Short-Shorts”

Areli MediaWorks  |  2013

When I Can’t Forgive

I confess my sin of unforgiveness to you Lord. I do not hide my guilt. I repent of resisting forgiveness to those who sinned against me or challenged my well-being. When I yielded to the temptation of unforgiveness, my soul and spirit was wounded and turned bitter. But I thank you for the Holy Spirit that has kept me so I could repent now. Thank you for being the Lord who has forgiven me and erased all my sin and guilt. Every time I confess my sins, you are faithful and just to forgive and cleanse me from all unrighteousness and wickedness. You purchased my liberty and forgave the sin of mankind by the sacrificial blood of Jesus.

I forgive all who caused me to hold a grudge against them. Now I abide in your redemptive work. My disobedience is forgiven and my sins are out of sight. I bless those who persecuted me. Curses no longer proceed out of my mouth, and I ask you to bless them. I pray they will experience and embrace the richness of your kindness and grace. Your Holy Spirit helps me to be kind, tenderhearted and forgiving just as you through Jesus Christ forgave all of my sins. My offering of prayer in faith heals any sickness in my mind, body, soul and spirit and makes me well. Now I have your joy and I am made alive through Christ Jesus, my Lord and Saviour.

From the book “He That Healeth Thee”
by Christine Brooks Martin
ebook & Paperback at

When I am Mentally & Physically Tired

Lord you give power to those who are mentally or physically tired. As I rest in your presence you renew my strength. I am able do what is necessary without weariness and fatigue. You cause me to be still and steadfast to get the rest I need. You give power to the faint and strength to those who lack it. I abide in your sanctuary and resting places where I can be refreshed and renewed. When I have to deal continually with troubling circumstances or people, I am not frustrated because you are my God. You are with me and you strengthen and help me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

When I lie down at night, you give me rest and sweet sleep. Each day it is my voice that you hear directing my prayers to you. You give me everything I need because your mercies are new each day. Every time my flesh is tired, Lord God you are my strength and peace. I am not troubled because you are my refuge during times of stress. Through prayers, supplication and thanksgiving, you give me your peace which guards my heart and mind through Christ Jesus and is beyond understanding.

From the new prayerbook by Christine Brooks Martin
“He That Healeth Thee
eBook & Paperback


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