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Today, I am sharing links to one of my friends, Andrea Wiener, as well as to my inspirational book titles. I pray they will be a blessing to you.
Andrea Wiener says: First and foremost I am a daughter of the King, a child of God. I want to redeem my time on this earth the best way I know how – besides which, EVERYTHING I have and am is ALL because of Him. I created CouponBlessingsNow.Com with the desire to share my blessings and knowledge with others.
Andrea's Journey
Growing up in a small Brooklyn family, my mom’s idea of saving money was buying shoes for $2 at Berta’s (a local NY discounter – I think there’s like two stores left in NY – one of them only a few blocks from my home). By age 17, I was $30,000 in debt from almost a dozen credit cards. God ALWAYS works out everything for my good and His honor and His glory. In 1996, I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at an outreach – still had the debt – but not for long. My pastor starts talkin ‘bout Y2K –how we were supposed to be stocking up on everything. I’m prayin “Lord, I’m still up to my ears in debt and now I gotta stock up on stuff”. But He is faithful – He blessed me with overtime at the job I had and showed me how to be a good steward of EVERYTHING He has blessed me with (oh, and by the way, did I tell you guys I was debt-free by January 2000?)
$.99 eBook "Talk to God with Affirmations of Faith" – Speak affirmations over your life that reflect what God says about you, what He says about your access to Him, and your access to His kingdom promises.
Free eBook downloads
"Christine's Short-Shorts" – Inspirational stories that reflect the love, compassion and faithfulness of an Almighty God who reveals Himself to His sons and daughters in so many facets.
"Pray What God Says" – Learn how to increase your faith, trust and confidence that God has a plan and solution for every facet of your life.
Christine Brooks Martin
Areli MediaWorks 2012

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  1. WOW – thank you SO SO MUCH!! 😀

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