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A Hungry Praise

Life's challenges will come and go, but the scriptures say that we have the blessing of the Lord that maketh rich (in health, finances, protection, relationships, spiritual growth…) and add no sorrow with it. God gives us mercy that is new each day, grace that has redeemed and justified us, compassion that fails not, unceasing love and more. So we don't have to try to hold on to the leftovers of today for tomorrow. He opens His hand and satisfies every living soul that stays hungry for Him.


The birds know that God cares for them. So daily before or at sunrise, they will tweet their praise to Him before they look for their food. When I listen to them, I say to myself, “Oh God, I may not have the adequate words to say to you, but my heart joins in the praise that your creation offers you this day. If I could sing as beautifully as the birds, I would do it, but I ask that my grunts, groans, squeaks and utter mutterings now and throughout the day represent the praise you want to hear.”


I want a praise that represents a hungry and passionate heart in expectancy of the presence of the Lord in every moment of my life, come what may. Don’t you?
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