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Amazon’s 4-for-3 Promotion

The following paperback titles by Christine Brooks Martin are eligible for Amazon’s 4-for-3 promotion. Eligible products include select books and Home & Garden items. Buy any 4 eligible items and get the lowest-priced item FREE.
“CHRISTINE'S SHORT-SHORTS” – $5.99 Paperback
“Christine's Short-Shorts,” is a collection of inspirational stories and poems. These "short-shorts" relate to some of my experiences. And some are the result of waiting in God's presence. The motive and intention for using the words "short-shorts" in my title is to get your attention. Not on me, but on an Almighty God who reveals His love, compassion and faithfulness to us in so many ways. I was not a Christian or lived for God all of my life. But after conversion, I soon realized that He had always been with me and ministers to me when I avail myself to watch or listen. So I offer you a look at my "short-shorts" so you might consider who an eternal God has been, is and can be in your life.
The eBook version for Kindle Readers and APPS is FREE.
“Talk to God with Affirmations of Faith,” is the sequel to the bestselling book "Pray What God Says." I created scripturally-based affirmations to help you develop a deeper relationship with God as you learn the scriptures relative to any circumstance. When you speak affirmations over your life that reflect what God says about you, then you are also declaring what He says about your access to Him, and to His kingdom promises. Living in kingdom privilege and kingdom access demands that you: Speak the language of Kingdom and shift from victim to victorious. When you do, prepare to enter into God's tangible presence where your heart will readily commit to His love, power, peace and blessings.
The eBook version for Kindle Readers and APPS is $.99
“PRAY WHAT GOD SAYS” — $7.99 Paperback
“Pray What God Says” will help you gain a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer. Through a scripturally-based prayer life you can: develop unbroken communion and fellowship with God; increase your faith, trust and confidence that He has a plan and solution for any facet of your life and any circumstance; pray effectually for spiritual growth, family relationships, health and provisional needs for yourself and others; and intercede to win souls and add to the body of Christ.
The eBook for version Kindle Readers and APPS is FREE.
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Sharing Links to Bless You

Today, I am sharing links to one of my friends, Andrea Wiener, as well as to my inspirational book titles. I pray they will be a blessing to you.
Andrea Wiener says: First and foremost I am a daughter of the King, a child of God. I want to redeem my time on this earth the best way I know how – besides which, EVERYTHING I have and am is ALL because of Him. I created CouponBlessingsNow.Com with the desire to share my blessings and knowledge with others.
Andrea's Journey
Growing up in a small Brooklyn family, my mom’s idea of saving money was buying shoes for $2 at Berta’s (a local NY discounter – I think there’s like two stores left in NY – one of them only a few blocks from my home). By age 17, I was $30,000 in debt from almost a dozen credit cards. God ALWAYS works out everything for my good and His honor and His glory. In 1996, I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at an outreach – still had the debt – but not for long. My pastor starts talkin ‘bout Y2K –how we were supposed to be stocking up on everything. I’m prayin “Lord, I’m still up to my ears in debt and now I gotta stock up on stuff”. But He is faithful – He blessed me with overtime at the job I had and showed me how to be a good steward of EVERYTHING He has blessed me with (oh, and by the way, did I tell you guys I was debt-free by January 2000?)
$.99 eBook "Talk to God with Affirmations of Faith" – Speak affirmations over your life that reflect what God says about you, what He says about your access to Him, and your access to His kingdom promises.
Free eBook downloads
"Christine's Short-Shorts" – Inspirational stories that reflect the love, compassion and faithfulness of an Almighty God who reveals Himself to His sons and daughters in so many facets.
"Pray What God Says" – Learn how to increase your faith, trust and confidence that God has a plan and solution for every facet of your life.
Christine Brooks Martin
Areli MediaWorks 2012

A Hungry Praise

Life's challenges will come and go, but the scriptures say that we have the blessing of the Lord that maketh rich (in health, finances, protection, relationships, spiritual growth…) and add no sorrow with it. God gives us mercy that is new each day, grace that has redeemed and justified us, compassion that fails not, unceasing love and more. So we don't have to try to hold on to the leftovers of today for tomorrow. He opens His hand and satisfies every living soul that stays hungry for Him.


The birds know that God cares for them. So daily before or at sunrise, they will tweet their praise to Him before they look for their food. When I listen to them, I say to myself, “Oh God, I may not have the adequate words to say to you, but my heart joins in the praise that your creation offers you this day. If I could sing as beautifully as the birds, I would do it, but I ask that my grunts, groans, squeaks and utter mutterings now and throughout the day represent the praise you want to hear.”


I want a praise that represents a hungry and passionate heart in expectancy of the presence of the Lord in every moment of my life, come what may. Don’t you?
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Affirmations for Consecration

1Peter 2:9 — But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; 
that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:

Thank you Lord that in times past when I was not counted as yours and like a sheep gone astray, I obtained your mercy. Through your grace I have returned to the shepherd and bishop of my soul. Now I walk in your light and I have fellowship with you and your sons and daughters. The blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed me from all sin. 

You are faithful and just to forgive me of all sin and cleanse me from all unrighteousness when I confess my sin before you. My regenerated heart with love for you and the power of your Holy Spirit, enables me to abstain from fleshly lusts that war against my soul. I keep my conversation honest, do good works, and sanctify your name because you are the Holy One of Israel. Your eyes are upon me and I reverence your presence that abides with me. I walk upright, work righteousness and speak the truth in my heart so I can abide in your tabernacle and dwell in your holy hill.

1John 1:7,1John 1:9, 1Peter 2:10-12, 1Peter 2:25, Isaiah 29:23, Psalm 15:1-2, Romans 12:1-2

from "Talk to God with Affirmations of Faith"
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Areli MediaWorks  2012

Read an eBook Week 2012 — March 4 thru 10th authors have enrolled in the “Read an E-Book Week” promotion for the week of March 4 through March 10.  Visit the site to see the special Smashwords home page catalog of Read an Ebook Week participants offering FREE and discounted pricing to thousands of Smashwords customers and visitors.


My three titles will be featured in the catalog.

“Pray What God Says” and “Christine’s Short-Shorts” will be FREE (no coupon needed)

“Talk to God with Affirmations of Faith” will be FREE using coupon code RE100 before checkout.


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Visit March 4 through 10 to see the catalog and download copies of books available for Kindle, Nook, iPad,  iPhone, and PC/Mac formats.
Christine Brooks Martin
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