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Good Books to Read & Review

Good Books to Read & Review:

In monthly support of my fellow authors, here are links to some great books in several genres. When you read, please don't forget to rate them and share with your friends and family. You will encourage these authors as well as help them with visibility!!!
Links that navigate to eBooks at have downloads for PC / MAC, Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhones, Android and many other electronic devices).
Information for print versions and/or other titles by the authors are available on their site. HAPPY READING!
Click titles to go to pages. 

RACE IPSA LOQUITUR by Judge Kelvin D. Filer
Non-Fiction: Autobiography, Inspirational
This poetic diary begins a few years before Kelvin Filer left for college at UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California. Writing was a pleasant hobby at that time in his life, which later became more focused and a form of therapy and self-encouragement.
As you browse through "Race Ipsa Loquitur," you will know the events that happened during his adolescence and college matriculation, his thoughts during law school and the pain he felt during the difficult times in his life. You will cheer him on when he reaches the pinnacle of his wonderful journey—when he is appointed as a superior court judge.

THE WEEPING CHAMBER by Sigmund Brouwer
Fiction: Literature, Historical
Simeon's life is falling apart, and he fears he may never see his wife and daughter again. As he arrives in Jerusalem for Passover, he is looking for a miracle. In this novel, best-selling author Sigmund Brouwer retells the passion of Christ through the eyes of one man as he experiences an astonishing encounter with Christ in his last hours of life.

Non-Fiction: Business & Economics, Careers
Paul Rega's new job search book, "How To Find A Job When There Are No Jobs," is a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a veteran recruiter with over sixteen years of experience. Paul takes his readers on an engaging journey where he shares his vast knowledge of the job search process and how to successfully land a job in a tight labor market.

Non-Fiction: Self-Improvement, Confidence and self-esteem,
Health and Well Being, Beauty and fashion
Are you having one of those days? You just don't feel very happy—and you're not too satisfied with the way you look either. Even people with super high self-esteem have days when they're feeling down. That's where the book "50 Ways to Look and Feel Beautiful" comes in. And, best of all, it's free!

THE BIRDS AND BEES FOR BOYS by Ritch Diamond Thomas
Fiction: Children's Books
"The Birds And Bees For Boys" is for parents and boys that may be embarrassed by the subject. It is written to teach young boys about the stages, symptoms and principles of living a healthy life.

PRAY WHAT GOD SAYS by Christine Brooks Martin
eBook & Paperback

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