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I was scrolling through my feeds on Facebook yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon and ran across a pleasant surprise. A Facebook Fav, Diesel (one of the distribution channels for my eBook), reflected 2 Likes to my post where I shared information about my book "Pray What God Says." Sometimes I don't click on the "Like" thumbs-up icon too much. Just the fact that someone took the time to appreciate their indulgence of my post makes me happy. But this time I clicked to see who posted the "Like" and to my surprise Justin William Bieber was one and Diesel was the other.
All I know about the young idol-icon Mr. Bieber is from my grandchildren and whatever I might happen to see or hear when sharing cable time with them. I clicked on the back link to see if was legit and it was, so I was happier. When I hopped back over to the Diesel FB page, I noticed he posted a "Like" to several other books in various genres. Then I hoped he wasn't having a "Like-Click-Kick" but truly sincere. Whatever the reason I want to say, Mr. Justin William Bieber, thank you for clicking the "Like" button. I am honored you took the time, but most of all I hope that you were able to get past the bookcover–the profile photo for all my posts–and investigate a sampling of the pages.
My desire and effort in writing my book is to share about Who has been the MEANS for keeping me safe and sane in the midst of storms and critical moments; the anchor that has kept me afloat when I was about to sink because of a LACK of faith, hope, love, comfort, strength, health, finances and overall well-being; and the ONE who I can talk to and share my heart with 24/7– 365. He is the Most High Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
So Mr. Justin William Bieber, I hope you did check out a few pages of my book. I also hope that if and when you experience what I just mentioned, just know that there is a Comforter, Helper, Burden-bearer, Provider, Way-maker, Protector, Healer, and most of all, Friend who is always available to turn to when you decide to allow Him to be all that He is and can be, to and for you.
PRAY WHAT GOD SAYS by Christine Brooks Martin
eBook & Paperback
(Download eBook 100% FREE with coupon code MH48S)
But Buy the Book (lol)

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