Prayer Books & Inspirational Media

Visit the links to these new releases by my fellow authors at
You will be able to download and/or view at least 15% of their book in formats for PC/Mac, Kindle Reader, Nook, iPad, and other electronic devices.
How to Out-Sell, Out-Market, Out-Promote, Out-Advertise Everyone Else You Compete Against… Before They Even Know What Hit Them
Powerful strategies, methods, concepts and techniques to rapidly increase your sales, multiply your profits and skyrocket your personal wealth. "This book is an eye-opener to success and wealth through proven strategies – if you don't feel inspired when you read it, you best check yourself for a pulse!

Halfway to Venus by Sarah Anderson. $5.99 from

Halfway to Venus is the story of Sarah Anderson’s life with only one arm. It is a journey of exploration and discovery, through literature and art and real life, concerned with finding out about arms and their significance, about other people who have lost their arms and about phantom and prosthetic limbs.

The Visa Book by Christine Gilbert. $10.00 from

60% of the countries of world do not require a visa for American passport holders. But which ones? Online information about visa rules are often incorrect and outdated — and almost never cite their source. The Visa Book gives you all the rules in one place!

Walkabout Woman by Michaela Roessner. $2.99 from

A novel of the Australian Outback & Aboriginal Dreamtime; it won the John W. Campbell & Crawford Awards.
Bible Wisdom: PSALMS of Praise & Power Newly Translated from the Greek Old Testament
by John Howard Reid. $3.99 from
Disregarding duplications and material that fails to qualify as either powerful or praiseworthy, 84 uplifting Psalms are given new life and meaning in this inspired and inspiring translation from the ancient Greek Old Testament, the Septuagint. Neither the original meaning nor the poetry is lost or diluted, for each selected Psalm is rendered in both a literal translation and a more poetic style.
Pray What God Says
by Christine Brooks Martin.
"Pray What God Says" is a valuable resource to help you deepen your relationship with God through prayer. Contains topical scriptures relative to every facet of life, so you can create scripturally-based prayers of petition and intercession for spiritual growth, family, finances and health.
Download 100% Free using Coupon Code MH48S on checkout.
PRAY WHAT GOD SAYS by Christine Brooks Martin
eBook & Print

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